Frequently asked questions

1. What are Power Plans?

Power Plans are our new postpaid plans. Designed with more data and a no-contract option, they offer you great benefits and much more value.

Choose between five different plans that suit your needs:

  • Power Plan 125/150
  • Power Plan 200/225
  • Power Plan 300/350
  • Power Plan 500/600
  • Power Plan 1000/1200

2. What is the free SIM offer?

For a limited time only, you can save AED 125 when you get any of our Postpaid Power Plans online. This means that you won’t have to pay the activation fee of your line.

3. How can I get the AED 225 discount?

You’ll get a discount of AED 75 for three alternative months, on us. So, if you activate your Postpaid plan in January for instance, you’ll get the discount in February, April and June.

You will receive an SMS to redeem your discount on each alternate month. Simply reply to this SMS to redeem your discount offer.

4. What is the Amazon Prime offer?

With Prime, you can enjoy fast and free delivery, great entertainment, exclusive early access to deals and much more from Amazon. We’re offering 12 months of Amazon Prime for free when you subscribe to Power Plan 300, Power Plan 500 or Power Plan 1000.

To subscribe to the Amazon Prime offer:

  • SMS ‘Prime’ to 9511
  • We’ll send you a link to the Amazon page to complete your registration.
  • After signing up, download the Amazon Prime app from the App Store or Google Play Store to begin enjoying Prime.

You’ll receive a confirmation email from Amazon with a successful activation status on your account. The email will contain information on how to manage your account. You’ll be charged AED 16/month (VAT inclusive) after your free offer ends. For more information about the Amazon Prime offer, please click here.

5. What’s the ENTERTAINER offer?

We’re offering 6 months of free access to the ENTERTAINER product of your choice, when you subscribe to an eligible Postpaid Plan. The offer is exclusively available when you purchase from our online store. After activating your SIM, we’ll send you an SMS with a link to activate your Entertainer pack.

This is a limited time offer, you must activate your ENTERTAINER offer within 30 days after receiving the SMS. For more information about the ENTERTAINER offer, please click here.

6. What is Data Carry Over?

With our Data Carry Over service, now available for a limited time, any unused monthly data allowance can be carried over to the next month. The remaining data can only be carried over once (and, if unused, will expire at the end of that billing cycle), and the maximum amount of data that can be carried over is limited to 50% of your plan’s original data allowance. Carried over data will be used first over your regular monthly allowance.

7. What is the Power Plan Unlimited promotion?

A first of its kind in the UAE, this promotion offers you unlimited minutes and/or unlimited data with your Power Plan! And for a limited time only, it’s granting you unlimited Flexi minutes as well as unlimited data at full Internet speed for a duration of 12 months with Power Plan 1000/1200. You can use your Flexi minutes for national and international calls to 164 destinations around the world.

8.  What’s more, you can also get unlimited national minutes valid for 12 months with Power Plan 300/350 and Power Plan 500/600.

This promotion is for personal use only. Usage will be monitored and we reserve the rights to disconnect the line without any notification, in case of fraudulent activity.

9. What is the Power Plan Roaming promotion?

As another first in the UAE, we now offer you free roaming with your Power Plan. For a limited time only, you can get 2 GB of roaming data with your Power Plan 500/600 and 5 GB with your Power Plan 1000/1200, valid for 12 months respectively. Your plan`s roaming data allowance is only valid within the preferred partner networks.
You need to have an active international roaming service in order to start using your plan`s roaming data allowance. To check your roaming service status, just SMS “Roaming” to 5102.
Please click here to learn how to activate your international roaming service and receive more information about roaming.

10. What is the Internet Calling Pack promotion?

Now and for a limited time only, you can benefit from a free Internet Calling Pack subscription valid for 12 months with Power Plan 300/350 Flexi, Power Plan 500/600 Flexi and Power Plan 1000/1200 Flexi. With your free Internet Calling Pack subscription , which worth AED 50/month, you can make unlimited app-to-app calls, video calls or text anyone across the globe who’s downloaded registered apps like BOTIM and others! For more information about our Internet Calling Pack, please click here.

11. What is the Double Data promotion?

Now and for a limited time only, you can double your plan`s monthly data allowance for the duration of 12 months. With the Double Data offer, you get 26 GB if you subscribe to Power Plan 200/225, 50 GB if you subscribe to Power Plan 300/350, or 100 GB if you subscribe to Power Plan 500/600. It`s applicable regardless of whether you a have a contract or no-contract Power Plan.

12. What if I don’t use up the full data allowance I have after doubling it?

If you’re subscribed to Power Plan 200/225, you can carry forward 6.5 GB of unused data.
If you’re subscribed to Power Plan 300/350, you can carry forward 12.5 GB of unused data.
If you’re subscribed to Power Plan 500/600, you can carry forward 25 GB of unused data.
If you’re subscribed to Power Plan 1000/1200, you can carry forward 60 GB of unused data.

13. I’m a Prepaid customer, can I move to these plans?

Yes you can. Any existing balance (More Time, Extra/Easy Social etc.) will be transferred to your new Postpaid line.

14. I’m a Postpaid customer, can I move to these plans?

If you already have a Postpaid line with us simply visit our stores or call our customer care and ask to change your plan. If you’re on a contract, you’ll either have to wait till your contract expires or pay the early termination fees (if applicable) in order to switch plans.

15. Who’s eligible for Power Plans?

All new and existing mobile customers.

16. How will I be charged if I subscribe to a Power Plan in the middle of my bill cycle?

Your monthly charges will be prorated. All benefits, except for data, will also be prorated.

Note: Calls are billed by the minute on all Power Plans

17. What can I use my monthly Flexi minutes for?

Your monthly Flexi minutes can be used for any of the below:

  • National calls (calls within the UAE)
  • International calls (applicable to 164 destinations)

18. What do I need to know about incoming roaming calls?

There are two kinds of charges when you receive a call whilst roaming; the first is the cost of the call forward from the UAE to wherever you are, which is charged by us, and the second is the cost of the call delivered to you locally, which is charged by the roaming network you’re on.

19. How will I know when my plan is active?

You’ll get a confirmation SMS once it’s active. 

20. Can I downgrade or upgrade my plan?

You can upgrade your plan at any time for free, however, if you choose to downgrade it, you’ll be charged an early termination fee if you’re on a contract. If you change plans in the middle of the month, your monthly subscription for the plan you are migrating to and from will be prorated.

Note: Early termination fees only apply to plans on a 12-month contract.

21. What happens if I upgrade or downgrade within a rate plan?

If you upgrade or downgrade within an eligible rate plan, you’ll continue to get the same benefits of the original rate plan. We’ll notify you with an SMS as soon as your original rate plan is activated. The offer validity will remain the same, starting from the original activation date until the expiry date. However, if you convert to a non-eligible rate plan, you won’t get the offer’s benefits.

22. How can I check the balance of my free units?

SMS ‘Rewards’ to 1233 or log in to My Account or the du app to check the balance of your benefits.

23. Can I cancel my plan after I subscribe to it?

Yes, you can visit our stores to cancel your plan at any time. However, if you’re on a contract, an early termination fee will apply.

24. How will I know when my contract period is over?

We’ll send you an SMS to let you know it’s expiring. After you contract ends, you’ll continue to enjoy all the benefits of the plan by renewing your contract. You also have the option to change you plan or cancel it without any termination charges.

25. Can I get a device along with my plan?

You can subscribe to a Device Instalment Plan with Power Plans.

26. How can I migrate to Power Plans?

You can migrate to these plans in-store or via customer care.

27. What are national minutes?

National minutes can be used to make calls to any UAE landline or mobile.

28 .Where can I get Power Plans?

Power Plans will be available at all our stores, on our website and through our authorized dealers.