1. What is the free SIM offer?

For a limited time only, you can save AED 125 when you get any of our New Emirati Plans online. This means that you won’t have to pay the activation fee of your line.

2. What are The New Emirati Plans?

The New Emirati Plans are new postpaid Plans targeting UAE Nationals customers designed for more Data centric usage with inclusive allowances per month.

The new Plans comes with three different rate plans to suite the customers’ requirements and lifestyle:

New Emirati 200

New Emirati 350

New Emirati 500

3. What are the benefits of the New Emirati Plan?

The New Emirati Plan offers generous monthly voice and data allowances to satisfy your communication needs and also provide you the control over your monthly spend.


New Emirati 200

New Emirati 350

New Emirati 500

Monthly Fee

AED 200

AED 350

AED 500

National Minutes




National Data

12 GB

24 GB

36 GB

International Calls

International calls to 172 destinations charged at AED 1.2/min

International Roaming

Customers activating any of the New Emirati Plans are eligible to activate International Roaming service for free, as these plans are ONLY available for UAE Nationals.

Metallic Number

New Special Numbers (new metallic number category dedicated for these plans)

Extra Data Offers and Device Discounts are not applicable with these plans.

4. What is the difference between the New Emirati Plans and Emirati Plans?

The differences between the New Emirati Plans & Emirati Plans are as below:

New Emirati Plans

Emirati Plans

Exclusive for UAE Nationals

All Nationalities

Data centric usage with inclusive allowances per month.

National centric usage with inclusive allowances per month.

5. What are the out of plan charges for the New Emirati Plans?

Out of plan charges for the New Emirati Plans is as below:



Calls to all national mobile and landlines

30 fils/minute (Pay Per second)

International calls to 172 destinations

AED 1.2/minute (Pay per second)

National SMS

18 fils

International SMS

60 fils

6. Who is eligible for the New Emirati Plans?

The New Emirati Plans are exclusive to UAE Nationals.

Note: An existing UAE National customer with any other postpaid plan or with a prepaid can migrate to the new Emirati Plan.

7. How can customers migrate to the New Emirati Plans?

Customers can ONLY migrate to these plans through the sales channels.

Note: Migration using SMS, Self-Care 135 or Web Self Care will NOT be available.

8. Where can customers get the New Emirati Plans?

The New Emirati Plans will be available at all du shops, du web site (www.du.ae/emiratiplans) and through our authorized dealers.

9. How will the customer know that the New Emirati Plans has been activated? Is there a way customers can find out what plan they are subscribed to?

Customers who subscribe to the New Emirati Plans will receive a confirmation SMS once the line is activated.

10. How will the customer be charged if they get the 10 New Emirati Plans within the mid of my bill cycle?

If a customer gets the New Emirati Plans in the middle of the bill cycle then the charges will be prorated. Benefits for those months excluding data will be prorated.

11. Can a customer downgrade or upgrade the New Emirati Plans?

Yes, customers can upgrade or downgrade their New Emirati Plan and will be charged the monthly usage related to the plan that is associated with it. If customers changed in the middle of the month their monthly subscription for the plan he/she is migrating from/to will be prorated.

12. Is the New Emirati Plans a limited promotion?

No, the New Emirati Plans are permanent Plans.

13. Can the ownership of the line be changed?

Yes. After 1 year of subscription the ownership can be changed.

14. How can customers check the balance of the free units?

Customers can check the balance of the free units by sending an SMS with the keyword ‘Rewards’ to 1233.

15. Can an existing prepaid customer migrate to the New Emirati Plan?

Yes, an existing customer prepaid plan customers can migrate to the New Emirati Plan. The balance from the prepaid account (More Time, More Credit, More International, NPP Limited/NPP Unlimited will be transferred to the postpaid line as per the standard process.

16. Can customers retain the New Emirati Plans Number (055 11….) upon migrating to another plan?

Yes, customers can retain their New Emirati Plans number with another plan from du, and the plan benefits and rating will be changed as per the new plan.

However, an early termination fees for the plan will apply.

17. What happens if a customer deactivates the New Emirati Plan during the contract period?

All New Emirati Plans are with a 12 months contract tenure, therefore if a customer wants to terminate the line during the contract tenure foreclosure fee will apply as below:

Rate Plan

Foreclosure Fee (AED)

New Emirati Plan 200


New Emirati Plan 350


New Emirati Plan 500


18. How will customers know that the contract period is over?

Once the contract period is over customers will receive an SMS informing them about the expiry.

19. Will customers be charged the monthly fee of the rate plan if the contract is in suspension status?

Yes, in case a customer is still within the contract period of 12 months, then the monthly plan fee will be charged during the suspension according to the current rate plan.

20. What happens after the 12 months contract tenure is over?

After the 12 months contract tenure, customers will still enjoy the benefits of the plan and can migrate or cancel with no termination charges.