Am I eligible?

Eligible rate plans are (for both new and existing customers):

Pay As You Go


To benefit from the promotion you’ll need credit in your More Time account.

How is my balance used when I activate Kabayan offer and I already have a balance for Daily Saver Pack or International Minutes Pack?

When you make a call to any network in the Philippines, Kabayan. Deal rates will take priority over all other discounted international packs.

Opted in customers can still use the SMS, data and voice allowance available from other international packs when making international calls outside the Philippines.

How can I activate the promotion?

Simply dial *135*71#. The activation is free of charge.

Only when you confirm by SMS, will you be opted in to Kabayan offer.


I have balances for More Credit and/or More International. What happens when I make a call to the Philippines with Kabayan offer?

When you make a call to the Philippines, the balance in More Time will be consumed first, and Kabayan offer rates will apply.


I have subscribed to both Call Home for Less and Kabayan offer. How much will I pay for an international call?

When you call the Philippines you’ll be charged 38 fils/min (Inclusive of 5% VAT). Call set up fee of AED 1.05 (Inclusive of 5% VAT) will apply.

When making calls to any of the 10 destinations with Call Home for Less, the Call Home for Less rates apply.


How will I be notified that Kabayan offer has been activated?

You’ll be notified by SMS that Kabayan offer has been successfully activated.

You’ll start benefitting from Kabayan offer when you make an international call to the Philippines.


My calls usually last for eight minutes. How many free minutes will I get with International Community?

With this deal you get to enjoy discounted rates when calling any number in the Philippines. This deal does not give free minutes.


Is there a limit to the number of international calls I can make per day?

You can make as many calls as you like.

How can I check the balance?

To check your More Time balance, dial *135#.


How can I unsubscribe from Kabayan Deal?

You can unsubscribe at any time. Simply dial *135*71# and select option 2.


Will I still be eligible for Kabayan offer rates if I make an international call to any of the 175 destinations while roaming?

Unfortunately you won’t be able to benefit from International Community while roaming.