Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are the Internet Data Pass bundles?

The Internet Data Pass bundles are two new time-based bundles that give you unlimited access to the internet for a period of either one or two hours, at speeds of up to 3 Mbps. The new bundles also come with two exclusive recharge card denominations of AED 3 and AED 5.

2.How can I activate this bundle?

Dial *222# and choose one of the bundles or dial *222#cardnumber# to buy and recharge your bundle. You’ll receive an SMS confirmation when it’s active.
Note: You can’t start or stop the bundle once it’s active. It will continue until the duration expires.

3.Can I subscribe to this bundle using any recharge wallet?

No, you can only get this bundle if you have enough balance in your More Time wallet.

4.Can I recharge my regular wallets with the two new denominations?

You cannot recharge your regular wallets with the new denominations

5.What happens after my bundle expires?

Once the Internet Data Pass bundle expires, your other active data bundles will resume.

6.Are there any website or application restrictions with this bundle?

No, you’ll receive full data without any restrictions to websites or apps.

7.Can I recharge or subscribe to both Internet Data Pass bundles at the same time?

No, the first bundle needs to expire before you can subscribe to the second.

8.Can I subscribe to Internet Data Pass bundles with Start Stop and Play On Demand Data Services?

No, you can’t. Because all three products are time-based, with priority given to the Internet Data Pass, you’ll be asked to stop any ongoing sessions of Start Stop or Play On Demand Data Services when you subscribe to a Internet Data Pass bundle.

9.Who is eligible for these bundles?

All Prepaid and Control Plan customers (except those subscribed to Easy/Extra Social Plans).

10.Does the Internet Data Pass bundle work outside of the country?

No, this bundle can only be used within the UAE.