1. FAQs and Special Terms

    1- What is the new Control Plan?

    The Control Plan is a new rate plan that offers generous data and minutes allowances with a fixed monthly bill and the flexibility to recharge for additional usage.You can subscribe to one of the below available Control Plans:
    – 1 GB + 2 GB promotion & 50 flexi minutes @ AED 80/ month.
    – 1 GB + 2 GB promotion & 100 national minutes @ AED 80/ month.
    – 1.5 GB + 4.5 GB promotion & 200 flexi minutes @ AED 135/ month.
    – 1.5 GB + 4.5 GB promotion @ 300 national minutes @ AED 135/ month.

    (All prices are tax inclusive) Benefits are valid from the time they are granted until the issuance of new ones. Whatever is not used during this period, will be lost.

    For additional usage, you can recharge at any time with ‘More Time’ (*135*rechargecode#) or ‘More Data’ (*131*rechargecode#). You can also buy ‘data bundles’ and ‘roaming bundles’ from your ‘More Time’ wallet.

    Please note that if you recharge and get a type of allowance already available in your benefits, the benefits within the Control Plan will take priority over the allowance recharged.Ex. When making a call, any remaining minutes in the monthly benefits will be used first before using the balance available in ‘More Time’.

    2- How can I subscribe to this plan?

    This new plan is available in all our channels.
    You just need to have a valid original Emirates ID to subscribe to this plan.
    There is no contract associated to this plan. If you decide to deactivate your plan, all you need to do is pay your last bill in full.
    The price of the SIM is zero. All you need to pay to get a SIM loaded with benefits is an advance payment equal to one month fees (the price of the advance payment depends on the plan you activate; if you activate the Control Plan 80, you need to pay AED 80 in advance; in case you activate the Control Plan 135, you need to pay AED 135).
    You can pay your bill or recharge your account through all existing channels including self-channels and the du app.


    3- I have activated the plan on the 20th of April, when will I receive my benefits and when will my first bill be generated?

    The amount of the first bill you pay, and in accordance the benefits you will receive, will depend on day you activate the plan. Starting from the second bill onwards, both benefits received and payment issued will be in full.If you activate on the 20th of April the Control Plan 80 national, and your first bill is due on the 1st of May, you will get 30% of the full benefits upon activation : 0.6 out of 2 GB & 30 out of 100 national minutes. The first bill you will receive, will be generated on the 1st of May and will be 30% of full payment; i.e. you will pay AED 24 instead of AED 80. On the 1st of May you will also receive the renewed full benefits, valid for one full month; i.e. you will get 2 GB & 100 national minutes valid for one month. On the 1st of June, you will be requested to pay AED 80 in full.


    4- I have not paid my bill. Can I still use my benefits?

    We will give you a grace period of 26 days to settle your bill. Post this period, your line will be totally suspended due to no payment. During suspension, you cannot make neither outgoing calls nor receive incoming calls or make any data sessions. All you will receive are SMSs from us. Please make sure you settle the bill ASAP in order to avoid any service interruption. If you recharge during the first 26 days from bill issuance, you can still use the benefits. After that, during suspension, you are not allowed to recharge You can pay your bill during suspension. If you do so, the line will be reconnected automatically. If you pay after the line is deactivated, you will need to request to reactivate your line by visiting one of our retail stores as a new activation.


    5- Can I move from my existing postpaid plan to Control or vice versa? Can I move from my prepaid plan to Control or vice versa? Can I move from one option to another within Control Plan?

    Yes, you can.
    Postpaid to Control â€“ Pay all outstanding charges and migrate (any foreclosure fee related to postpaid or devices will have to be paid before migration from postpaid to Control). No advance payment is required. You will receive a call from our team who will assist you in the migration process.
    Control to Postpaid â€“ Migrate any time without any advance payment.
    Prepaid to Control â€“ A new sim will be given with same MSISDN and 1 month will be charged as an advance payment either in cash OR you will be requested to recharge a value worth one MRC towards more time.
    Control to Prepaid â€“ Pay all outstanding bills (any foreclosure fee related to Control or devices will have to be paid before migration from Control to prepaid). Please note that migration is not possible before payment of the first bill. You will receive a call from our team who will assist you in the migration process.
    Yes, you can do so once a month.


    6- Can I buy any devices with Control Plan?

    Yes, at zero upfront. You can subscribe to our Device Instalment Plan. Regular checks & documentation is required.(Please refer to Device instalment plan FAQs for more information.)


    7- Can I get a Multi-Sim with any of the Control Plans?

    No. You, unfortunately, are not entitled to a multi SIM.


    8- Can I move my number to du through MNP process to purchase Control Plan?

    Yes, you can successfully port in with Control Plans.


    9- Can I get international roaming service?

    Yes. When you have prepaid balance, you will be by default enabled to use prepaid international roaming. To rationalise your roaming data spend, we advise you to buy one of our available roaming data bundles.


    10- Will I be charged on the bill If I want to send third party SMS, or call toll free number or du call centre?

    You will not be charged on the bill. This transaction will be deducted from your prepaid balance.