1. Who can subscribe to these bundles?

All our customers on Postpaid Power, Elite, Emirati, Smart and monthly Data SIM Plans can subscribe to these data bundles.

  1. Can I use this bundle data nationally and internationally?

No, you get national data only.

  1. What is the difference between recurrent and one-off bundles?

A recurring bundle will auto-renew every month, and the value of the bundle will be billed to you monthly. A one-off bundle will end after 30 days.
Similarly, if you subscribe to a recurring bundle in the middle of your bill cycle, your charges and benefits will be prorated depending on the date of your next bill cycle, however if you subscribe to a one-off bundle, you’ll be charged the full amount and your benefits will be valid for the next 30 days.

  1. How can I activate these bundles?
    • SMS the code associated with your preferred bundle to 1355
    • Visit du.aefrom your smartphone
    • Call our customer care
  2. How can I check/track my data usage?

To check your data usage you can:

Note: You’ll get three SMS notifications to help you keep track of your usage:

  • 75% of your data usage
  • 85% of your data usage
  • 100% of your data usage
  1. Can I have multiple data bundles active at the same time?

No, you can only activate one bundle at a time.

  1. Can I deactivate my data bundle? Yes you can, however the deactivation will only take effect from your next bill cycle. You can deactivate your bundle by dialing 155 or SMS “Stop Data” to 1355