Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.What is aladdin.life all about?

Aladdin.life is a new age digital platform that is reimagining and taking the entire telecom buying experience online. It is designed to make your buying experience simpler and effortless. We help you make well informed decisions on mobile plans, SIMs and devices, and then connect you to a variety of authorised channel partners for your purchases.

Q2. Which Products & Services do we offer?

We are the world’s first platform combining Search, Marketplace and Community for mobile services.

  • Genie Search – Instantly finds you the best Mobile Plan if u are a current customer.
  • Bazaar- UAE’s largest online Marketplace for Mobile Plans with SIMs and Devices. You can discover , compare and choose from 1000+ mobile price plans and 1500+ mobile phones on instalment plans from UAE telecom operators.
  • Customer Community – Giving you the ability to share your experiences with telecom services and brands in UAE. You can not only rate and review your experiences but also benefit from customer to customer support for tips and advice.

Q3. What is Genie Search?

Genie Search is designed to ease your cost burden for mobile usage. It matches your current mobile usage pattern with hundreds of available price plans from UAE Telecom Service Providers to instantly identify more value or more saving opportunities. It’s simple and quick.

Q4. How can I use Genie Search?

It’s simple. Just fill in your last month’s total bill amount or total spend (if on prepaid) and Genie Search will show you all available alternatives. The more information you provide the better the results will be. You can fill in your data and minutes monthly allowances to see more refined results.

Q5. What are the benefits of Genie Search?

“More Value” display will show you available bundles with higher data and minutes allowances than your current plan and at little or no extra cost.
“More Savings” display will show you bundles with data and minutes allowances similar to your current plan but available at a lower monthly price.

Q6. How can I place an order using Genie Search?

You will be guided to a selection of existing channels for requesting upgrades/downgrades, migrations from Pre-paid to Postpaid, Mobile Number Portability) MNP and purchases of new mobile connections.


  1. Please note that we do not take payments on our site. You are connected to a channel partner of your choice. Channel partners are authorised partners of UAE telecom providers and they are responsible for fulfilling your order.
  2. Please note that our services are currently available for individual UAE mobile customers. We will soon be catering to SME and Home Service customers in UAE.

Q7. What is Bazaar?

Bazaar is UAE’s largest online Marketplace for Mobile Plans with SIMs and Devices. You can discover , compare and choose from 1000+ mobile price plans and 1500+ mobile phones on instalment plans from UAE telecom operators.

Q8. At Bazaar, can I view all the Mobile Postpaid/Prepaid & Device Plans from all the operators in UAE?

Using our special filters and comparison feature, you can browse through 1000+ mobile price plans from Etisalat, du and Virgin mobile. We also provide you 1500+ device plan options to choose from.

Q9. How can I use Bazaar to find and buy what I really need?

You can customise your search by using several Filters. Filters include monthly allowances required for National data, Flexi Minutes, National minutes, International Minutes and Monthly Budget. Sort and comparison options are also provided.

Q10. What is Customer Community?

We give you the opportunity to share your voice and be heard. Our platform is building a customer community for online reviews, ratings, and customer to customer advice and support. You can rate and submit reviews on your experiences with telecom services and related brands in UAE. Should you have any questions, or want any advice or tips, please fill out a question and we will solicit an answer from the community.

Q11. What does Customer Community offer?

Customer Community is an open forum on aladdin.in wherein customers can participate in and benefit from:

  1. Conversations among customers, influencers and brands.
  2. Ratings, Reviews, Customers helping Customers in the form of tips, advice and support..
  3. Sharing your ideas and suggestions.

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