Aladdin Reward Programme Terms of Use

These terms and conditions set out the terms which govern the Aladdin Reward Programme.

By joining the Aladdin Reward Programme, Members agree to be bound by these terms. Mobile Live DMCC reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions.

The Aladdin Reward Programme is run and operated by Mobile Live DMCC, a Free Zone company incorporated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates whose registered office is at 408, Indigo Tower, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Under the Aladdin Reward Programme, Members can collect and redeem Aladdin Reward as set out in these terms and conditions. You can find participating Aladdin Reward partners via the Aladdin Reward Store at

You may contact us via our web site at or emailing us at


“We” or “Us” means Mobile Live DMCC Middle East,

“You” means the individual Member or individual who is applying to become a Member.

“Member” means a registered Member of the Aladdin Reward Programme.

“Member” means a registered Member of the Aladdin Reward Programme.

“Aladdin Reward Website” means the Aladdin Reward Programme website currently at and any subdomain within

“Aladdin Reward Store” means the online Aladdin Reward Reward platform These Reward can only be redeemed online at

These terms and conditions refer to the following additional terms, which also apply to your use of the Aladdin Reward Web Site and the Aladdin Reward Website individually and collectively (the Site):

Our Privacy Policy, please click here.

Our Term of Use Policy which sets out the permitted uses and prohibited uses of the Site. When using our Site, you must comply with these Terms of Use, please click here.

Our Cookie Policy which sets out information about the cookies on our Site, please click here


Becoming a Member

Aladdin Reward is free to join.

You can become an Aladdin Reward Member by registering via the Site.


Member must be an individual who is 18 years or over

Termination of Membership

Should any of the following events occur, we reserve the right to terminate membership and revoke any accrued Aladdin Reward Coins:

  1. You fail to comply with these terms and conditions.
  2. You supply false or misleading information to us or our partners.
  3. You abuse or misuse any membership privileges of the Aladdin Reward Programme.
  4. You are involved in any act of fraud, theft or dishonesty.

Keeping Member information up to date

You must ensure that your contact details are kept updated, specifically email address and mobile number by logging into your profile on our Site. Updated contact details will ensure that you receive notifications and communications about the Aladdin Reward Programme and your account.

We will contact you by email using your registered email address or by posting notices on the Aladdin Reward Website or the Site.

Password and security

You must keep your password secure and should not disclose this to anyone else. If you know or suspect that your password has been stolen or compromised or that anyone other than you knows your user identification code or password, you should notify us at and change your password on your Aladdin Account as soon as possible.

Collecting Aladdin Reward Coins

You can earn Aladdin Reward Coins as detailed on the Aladdin Reward website

You can view a detailed statement on your Aladdin Reward Web SIte or via
If you see any discrepancies in your Aladdin Reward statement, please contact us via our Help Center.

Personal Information

For details regarding your personal information, how we use your data and cookies please see our full privacy policy available at


We reserve the right at any time and without prior notice to change these terms and conditions, the qualifying goods and services, the reward portfolio, value proposition and our partners. Such changes will take effect from the date they are posted on

You can access your Aladdin Reward account on to keep track of your account activity.

Aladdin Reward Coins have no monetary value and cannot be sold, transferred or otherwise dealt with except in accordance with these terms and conditions.

All exclusions and limitations of liability in these terms and conditions apply for our security and the benefit of all partners and reward providers.

Partners and reward providers do not have any authority, expressed or implied, to make any representation or warranty on our behalf

We shall not be liable to any Member for any financial loss arising out of the refusal, cancellation or withdrawal of any reward, or any failure or inability of a Member to redeem a reward.

Members shall be liable for any loss or damage arising from the theft, forgery or misuse of Aladdin Reward Coins, or as a result of any criminal act by such Member.

We shall not be liable for any unlawful use or misuse of your Aladdin Reward Membership. Member remains liable for any loss or damage caused as a result of any loss, theft or misuse of Member’s Aladdin Reward account via or as a result of any unauthorised access by any third party to the Member's mobile phone.

We shall not be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct or indirect, resulting from termination or change of, either the Aladdin Reward Programme or any of the services, Reward or benefits which are made available to Members under the Aladdin Reward Programme, including, without limitation, any withdrawal of partner programmes or the withdrawal or changes in any such services, Reward or benefits.

Transfer of Aladdin Reward Coins

Aladdin Reward are personal to your Aladdin Reward account, and are not transferable

Aladdin Reward Expiry

Aladdin Reward Coins are valid for sx (6) months from the date of earning, after which they will expire, unless a Member’s account becomes inactive.

Members can check how many Coins are due to expire by logging into their Aladdin account using the Site.

For full details on how to collect and redeem Aladdin Reward Cons, log into your Aladdin account on the Site.

Reward Terms and Conditions

Aladdin will maintain a Reward catalogue with a selection of products and services. Active Members can redeem through the Site.

To redeem Rewards, Members must be logged into their Aladdin account to select their chosen reward and complete the redemption.

Members must ensure their personal details are up to date on their Aladdin Reward account.

Products & services may be withdrawn or amended without prior notice.

Prices and discounts offered may be amended at any time without prior notice.

Rewards are subject to partner restrictions at the time of redemption.

For purchases made with a combination of Aladdin Reward + money, the monetary amount must be paid via a debit or credit card on the Aladdin Reward Store at the time of redemption.

Aladdin Reward Coins will automatically be deducted from the Member’s account at the time of redemption.

Upon redemption, the Aladdin Reward Member will directly enter a sale / purchase relationship with the concerned supplier on the Aladdin Reward Store.

Members agree that Aladdin can pass their name, account number, address / email address and contact number to the relevant supplier where required for them to fulfill the redemption.

Aladdin Reward Coins can only be redeemed by the Aladdin Member in the UAE.

We reserve the right to pursue all available legal and equitable remedies and/or action against you in respect of any misuse of or any fraudulent activity on your account and for any Reward or benefits provided to you.

Brand Discount Coupons are governed by the terms and conditions of use from the respective brands or sellers.


Applicable Law

These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Emirate of Dubai, UAE. Any disputes shall be submitted to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Dubai UAE.

No waiver

Any failure by us to take any action in respect of a breach of these terms and conditions shall not constitute a waiver of their enforceability. We can still enforce it later. Mobile Live DMCC always reserves its rights in respect of these terms and conditions.


If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid by any court having competent jurisdiction, the invalidity of that provision will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions which shall remain in full force and effect.


We may transfer our rights and obligations under these terms and conditions to another organisation.

Member accounts are personal and may not be transferred to anyone else.

Force Majeure

We shall not be liable for any delay in performing, or failure to perform, any of its obligations under these terms and conditions if such delay or failure result from events, circumstances or causes beyond our reasonable control


If you have any queries or concerns please contact us via

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